About Us

Corrugated products that keep the world moving.

Nearly every box delivered begins with a corrugated sheet—without them, products could not be properly and safely transferred. We are proud to say we have been New England’s premier producer of corrugated sheets since 2010.

The New England Sheets team is comprised of high integrity individuals with a focus to not only produce best-in-class products, but top-tier customer service. Dedicated to our mission of safely producing quality products, delivered on time, we have consistently delivered product to our customer’s door within 24-48 hours from order placement anywhere in the northeast. Our success relies on our ability to assure our customer’s deadlines to their clients are met.

By The Numbers

We set the standard.

We are proud of the accomplishments of our team and facility. The ideal mix of highly skilled people, innovative processes, and top-tier technology has allowed us to break records while delivering premium products for our customers and an exciting workplace for our co-workers.


Ultra-wide width of our corrugated sheets


World record by one operator on one splicer


Safety awards from the AiCC, VPP, and Schwarz Partners


Flute configurations for Singlewall and Doublewall sheets


Since we began manufacturing corrugated sheets in 2010, we have established partnerships that has driven our growth and success. Schwarz Partners, Rand-Whitney, and New England Woodenware have been instrumental in establishing a strong foundation for future success. As we continue to increase our customer base throughout New England, we will continue to strengthen our relationship with our partners.